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Howdy! Met with two leading Action-SciFi TV series distributors at NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives annual conference) in Las Vegas and they both gave the series concept, images, talent, story, and pitch a thumbs up. Both are willing to market the series for one-hour per week. The next NATPE is in January, also in Vegas. But Distribution needs a pilot, or at least a mini-pilot/screener. (Utilized for the pitch a FLASH-style PowerPoint presentation with original music including vocals from the soundtrack being developed.)

Both distribution companies market worldwide, in competition with each other therefore we will end up with one. There are two main steps on either side of Distribution to be fulfilled for the series to be broadcast: I. Production - Both provided leads to their affiliated production people therefore we will meet shortly in case there is a good match. (Neither distributor is limited to distributing only material produced/co-produced by their pre-existing affiliates.) II. Broadcasting - With the pilot in hand, the distribution executives can sell the rights to broadcast the series to broadcast channels/networks of channels. One does not have to be a distribution executive to do so but time-slot programmers seek them out so it helps!

In between the appointments that took place in the VIP office suites at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay, a documentary producer with whom I became acquainted at the event (who talked of her potential desire to film a Making of Altered: Sanctuary - Script to Screen piece) and I met Nicholas Campbell (lead actor, DaVinci's Inquest) who was very charming with sparkling eyes. The photo (via some camera that was apparently at the custom-setting of matching people to the texture of the wall) does not do him justice! ;)

NC and SC, NATPE (Vegas) 1/06.

Altered: Sanctuary synopsis

Laurence Blaine is the wealthiest, most powerful businessman in the state of New York, founder of Blaine Foundation (a "charitable" organization) and its parent, Blaine Enterprise, a genetics research corporation. He’s wreaked havoc on everyone’s lives. Not just throughout New York state but throughout the world.

In New York, Laurence has betrayed his longtime friend, Special Investigations Detective Jim Laikin, by targeting his DNA with paraplegia-inducing nanoprobes. Justification? Jim shares a passionate history with Mrs. Laurence Blaine.

Almost completely unknown to her, Laurence conducted horrific experiments on his daughter-in-law, Magaera, throughout the years she lived at Blaine Estate. She’s now starting to remember. And not feeling too familial.

Laurence has taken genetic material from his favored children, Michael and Caelin, without their knowledge. For a secret purpose.

Special treatment has been reserved for Laurence’s least favorite son, Ken, and Laurence’s estranged wife, Lisa.

At the office, Laurence’s favorite pastime is demeaning his right hand, Dr. Jayna Levin, the corporation’s Chief Genetics Scientist.

You never know who might betray a nice guy like Laurence.

- Synopsis, Story, and Teleplay by Sahar Chinyere; Synopsis Editor: Cindy McBain.

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