ALTERED: SANCTUARY Gallery IV, Sweet Dreams

Altered: Sanctuary publicity stills. © 2000 by Sahar Chinyere. All rights reserved.

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Image 1 utilizes a photo by Tina Rencelj by permission.

Image 3's background is rendered by Yaroslav Dynda ('Slav').

Image 4 utilizes a background photo by Michael Knight by permission.

Image 5 utilizes a background photo by Marc Grey by permission.

Image 6 utilizes a background photo by Alexis Puentes by permission.

Image 7 utilizes a background photo by Flavia Bottazzini by permission; Photo Editor is Sam Ant Smith.

Image 8 (Leia Nolan as MAGAERA) Photographer: Sahar Chinyere.

Image 9's moon is rendered by Pascal Strittmatter.

Photographer (foreground characters KESSANDRA/ANTI-KESSA, CYANE/ANTI-CY, KEIKO): Jerry Agenar.

Additional Photo Editor: Sahar Chinyere.

All text written by Sahar Chinyere.

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