Falconi and the rest of the Altered: Sanctuary circle are
currently gathered around

the emergency Coalition roundtable

Sometimes it's hard to tell the HEROES from the VILLAINS

*Det. Jim Laikin, veteran Special Investigations detective
*Mysterious Coalition recruit who may be Magaera Blaine, the action heroine with some serious bad luck; on the fast track to becoming a leader of the Unfinished
*Michael Blaine, Ben's simmering nemesis; the favored Blaine son
*Caelin Blaine, Magaera’s alluring, manipulative rival; impulsively confrontational; altered according to her father's specifications
*Ken Blaine, heartrending, unfavorite son
*Kessandra Oliver, diverse high-stakes player; Does anyone know whose side she's on?
*Laurence Blaine, unscrupulous Blaine patriarch and Blaine Enterprise founder

*Lisa Torrini-Blaine, striking, elegant, and once fiery, Blaine matriarch
*Det. Ben Tsali Silver, rookie detective who may be too ready to die for humanity
*Cyane Blaine (Cyborg Annie 1), does not realize exactly what she is until it may be too late

*Dr. Rick Sangen, Deputy Chief Genetics Scientist of Blaine Enterprise
*Dr. Jayna Levin, unethical Chief Genetics Scientist of Blaine Enterprise
*Giancarlo Falconi, Coalition of the Unfinished Team Leader
*Mrs. Smithe, Chief of Staff, Blaine mansion
*Capt. Sam Flick, SI Unit Chief
*Dr. Keiko Hayashi, coroner by day, freelancer by night
*Dr. Emilio Vasquez, SI Unit Psychiatrist and Profiler
*Craig Bakhan, Coalition of the Unfinished extreme malcontent

*Jake DiSanto, FBI's most rapidly promoted field operative
*Director Ballentine, Director of Unlisted NSA Field Missions
*Mark McAllister, NSA's top field operative

Since 2008, Blaine Enterprise employees have begun systematically reviewing everyone, to make them perfect, or when deemed impractical, to delete them.

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The Altered: Sanctuary characters are created by Sahar Chinyere. All Rights Reserved.