4/15th/2007 note: In addition to the following, Dr. B also falsely pre-wrote my current U.S. District Court of Colorado action against the real-estate racketeers as non-existent. (Search a legal database such as Lexis-Nexis for defendants including MidFirst Bank/Midland Mortgage; 11/2005 filing. If such should disappear then scanned documentation will be uploaded.)

[Updated 2/4th/2007 PST:] For Those of You Just Joining Us: I ended up largely on the run for some weeks [5/4th/2007 note: subsequent to a photographer's being mysteriously detained by police when he was en route to meeting me to conduct an interview on this matter to post online] and therefore unable to organize posts as well as previously. Now that I am able to begin making this site easier to navigate again, I will break up this page to pages linked in chronological order by date of posting (after some much needed sleep).

One of the most recently encountered lethally corrupt physicians, Dr. B, completely misrepresented me as having Syphilis as part of a string of severe attempts to discredit me. Also, he may have intended to infect me with Syphilis (either pre- or post-mortem) had he succeeded in preventing me from leaving the hospital (Mount Sinai, Toronto, ON).

The lab results are in from the Ontario Ministry of Health: No Syphilis. (See Dr. B's false & malicious written representation to the contrary. Double-click on the scanned jpeg image of the document for the Expand To Regular Size/Zoom tool to appear then click on it to magnify.)

However oddly disinterested, I still have not reviewed Dr. B's team's notes beyond my initial cursory review. People have always marveled at my ability (sometimes good, sometimes bad) to not open an envelope until I am ready to deal with whatever may be inside. Sometimes it is less upsetting to leave fine-tooth combing to attorneys. There is probably more by which to be outraged in those ER Notes but the gist is that there have been many deliberate misrepresentations by Dr. B & company. Such misrepresentations include Dr. B's falsely stating my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) to be so out of range that one of his Residents stated upon meeting me, 'Your thyroid is dead'.

Being sure that my thyroid was nowhere close to being dead, within hours I had another blood test and the results completely contradicted Dr. B's representations of my thyroid status. Dr. B also falsely wrote my Cortisol level to be about half of what lab results showed it to be from the blood drawn just hours after the ER stop. Further, Dr. B falsely claimed to have administered steroids (Soy Medrol) by IV when instead all that his team administered through the IV catheter was an infection for which I am still taking Penicillin three weeks later.

Soy Medrol, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, would neither have caused nor allowed the inflammation that occurred at the site of entry of the IV catheter. The initial inflammation is currently reduced to a light brownish discoloration with some remaining tenderness.

Based on the experiences described in the previous installments, my guess is that next I would (have) be(en) falsely accused of IV drug use therefore I asked for & received a **note from a general practititioner that there is no evidence of such.

Dr. B (a lung/respiratory-related specialist) & his immediate colleague(s), none of whom include psychiatrists, also falsely & maliciously categorized me as exhibiting "psychosis". This misdiagnosis is not only inconsistent with their written findings that I was 'alert and oriented' but one would hope that they are not in the habit of releasing psychotic people ('steroid-induced' psychosis or otherwise) to wander or drive through the streets of downtown Toronto! (One would also hope that in actuality they wouldn't pump them up with IV steroids first.)

This sums up the latest in the maze of corruption from which I am finally emerging thanks to your kind watchfulness,
SC. **The thyroid hormone, T2, & lab testing for it does exist contrary to the general practitioner's 2/3d/2007 clinic note. Ask an endocrinologist.