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43b - ... I met the woman... The woman I saw... And still she looks absolutely beautiful... A young woman, beautiful, beautiful thing... Because what is it exactly?.. They want this woman... These are business partners... NAVY people... [sound frequencies heard in file, especially toward end after voice stops]

45 - ... Nigeria... smash his head or what... You are the Director of National Defense {U.S. Director of National Defense and Homeland Security or Canadian Director of National Defense?} who... They make all the decisions for WIA (Workforce Investment Act). You are more important to any of us here... This is a young woman. Don't look at this woman and think... and then think she's after anybody... [Expletive] everybody. Here you are - You are an exec in Hong Kong... You people are SHAMEFUL...[sounds like banging of metal weapon]... That's why this woman is important: because the woman's after [?]... I don't have to respect... [Expletive] *IA {* Intelligence Agency? / Internal Affairs?}... [chaotic shouting at the end]

49s - [some of the abnormal sound frequencies at the building]

50 - ... This woman is important because it is an issue that if I cannot get her, you know, if that issue came up at one point in time... I could [?] also. We can/can't talk about it, you and me... 'cause it did cross my mind... [incoming phone call]... I am not the NSA... They are...

AUDIO FILE 51 is broken into 7 consecutive parts (Audio Files 51a - 51g):








[Meeting including some discussion of $, beginning from $10,000 and ending up to $200,000 - $300,000.] Statements in between:

"This woman needs to be contained."

"I can't shoot [?] like that."

Transcription synchronized (visible on full-size computers, not necessarily on mobile phones) to audio of the following is now at

'Audio Engineering Consultant' ("PF"): "And they want the woman... nice lady... young woman..."

Field Coordinator ("FC"): "Check... Check..."

PF: "Sorry, I can't hear you."

FC: "Check if ahm..."

PF: "Oh, okay, no - One of the - One of the people has got a gun..."

FC: "Guyana?"

PF: "Yeah, he's back... Back Monday..."

FC: "Okay... get her on Monday then."

PF: "Yeah... I'll move... Okay."

53-1st_part-A - [Building security guard providing non-sensical explanations for the transponders and some devices near ceiling-level that may be related.] Ends with the following statements:

SC: "See, that doesn't make sense to me either. It's like they have this explanation for you, that supposedly they (abnormal sound frequency emitting transponders witnessed by several residents to have been in the stairwells until sometime between the previous Emergency Update and this one) were used before, for some purpose, but it's supposed to be a purpose that goes with your job and they've never had you use it for that purpose."

[Guard mumbles]

SC: "That's part of the reason I'm wondering, you know, it seems like it doesn't make sense."

Guard: "Well, nothing makes sense. Obviously. Nothing makes sense. Like, why does bread go bad? Why, uh, why don't [?] fly?"

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**In between was a word that sounds to be of Nigerian language of Hausa

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