Technology can create illusion but not everyone among us is human(e)

As of November 29, 2007, the working conclusion is that there are sociopathically abusive people committing government-sponsored crimes but that they are not as high in number as the impression that they are being allowed to create through their current free reign to use advanced military technology. See information about a reported classified project titled, Project Bluebeam at:

More Medical Experimentation W/O Consent in U.S.-based University Physicans, Inc. network:

A head doctor in the Soviet Union in 2007 told Newsweek, "We do not care what independent commissions of psychiatrists, or the United Nations, or even aliens tell us. Once we decide to keep a patient here, we will. The courts will always listen to us and no one else." This was in regard to their assaulting a female journalist & activist.

Summary of non-consensual DELIBERATELY INDUCED NEAR-DEATH TRAUMA by former Illuminati mind-control programmer

Suspected KGB agent at Louis Hebert Hotel in QuebecVieux - This video from early a.m. November 6th, 2007 was posted to YouTube by SC (ChinyereDOTcom)

Canadian military involvement in YET ONGOING MK-ULTRA extreme trauma-based mind-control project - This video was posted by SC, one of many people who have been targeted with extra viciousness per the perpetrators' (Illuminati) pattern

CIA Brainwashing of Canadian (videotaped interview):
NOTE: The show's host in particular and CBC in general have to the time of broadcast of the linked interview failed to pursue CURRENT events of the same rights-violating projects, and they failed to mention that the interview subject, Janine Huard, has been officially documented to have been implanted without her knowledge or consent as part of the covert government-funded project.

Canadian military-funded LSD experiments on students & musicians, McGill University, Montreal, early 1960s:

U.S.A. forces immigrants to take psychotropic drugs prior to putting them in an airplane

Bush administration covering up more secretly authorized crimes of torture

U.S. Navy to mask Coronado's swastika-shaped barracks,0,2973328.story?coll=la-home-center

University of Colorado study dated 1968 that leads to official halt of U.S. Intelligence investigation into UFO's:
NOTE: The 1960's are also when there was a previous surge in mind control research and when the first published case of Hashimoto's Encephalopathy was reportedly diagnosed. The linked internet edition of University of Colorado's "Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects" was prepared by National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS)

SC's 2007 Footage of UFOs Or Projection thereof By party with Advanced Technology such as Government
NOTE: There is at least one smaller flashing white object underneath the UFO/Government-Sponsored UFO Projection that appears in synch, whether due to communication, projection, being affected (like wireless systems for example may be affected), or other explanation.

History Channel video of Spheres in the Sky that Appear Just Like What SC has been witnessing (e.g. directly above)
NOTE: At & around 37 seconds into this video, "UFO Sightings: White Spheres", are also waves visible in the sky that appear just like those of the Directed Energy Weapons being CURRENTLY directed against SC & others in particular and the population at large. (The site includes other UFO footage inc. from WW2 although unfortunately these videos appear to be over-cut.)

Project Monarch Summarized by Ron Patton:

MK-ULTRA & Related Experiments Summarized by Carol Rutz:

Detailed Text of Trauma-Based (via Satanic Ritual Abuse) Mind-Control Programming by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

CIA Project Against Washington Post Journalist That Includes Deliberate Surrounding With Transmitters:

MAD - Magnetic Audio Device:

University of Bradford "Non-Lethal" Weapons Research Project October 2004 Report (Research Report No. 6)

The Government Psychiatric Torture Site for Survivors:
NOTE: I have not yet had the opportunity to explore this site and am posting it immediately only because I have been threatened with the possibility of 'being made to disappear at any moment' and I am acutely aware of survivors' need for such a potential resource. Please be aware that some people & organizations who appear to offer help are actually in collusion with the perpetrators. Therefore do as much research as possible before providing any information that may compromise your safety.'s International Cooperation Against Corruption page:

Potential Integration: Canada, Mexico, & U.S.:

Relatively Unobstructed Freedom of Expression in Canada:


Although I may be portraying one for fiction, Altered: Sanctuary, in real life I would not be a skilled operative because:

i) I am averse to lies and not even skilled at those well delivered by society at large. E.g. "Really, Officer, I didn't realize I was speeding."

ii) I am not inclined toward false identities. Even when I was very concerned about the safety of checking into a hospital emergency room in the compromised network, I did not use an alias (although I held the futile hope that not including my father's last name would allow more time before being hunted by any of his & Dr. S' colleagues).

iii) I have proven to be excruciatingly slow at realizing when people are deliberately deceiving me.

iv) For anything that I can do, I know people who can do it better. There must be still many more whom I do not know.

v) I do not have 'the killer instinct'. When three strangers came onto my property to provoke a fight in Colorado (a 'Make my day' state especially for homeowners when it comes to trespassers), subsequent to their leader's discussions with Safeguard Properties, all they got to write home about was my escorting them (bare-handed) off my property. Despite ex post facto miscategorization ("mutual combat") by a certain Aurora police officer who showed particular ongoing interest in my property, there was no spectacular martial arts display.

vi) While it seems to be a prerequisite for Intelligence officers to view police officers with disdain, I still hold police officers in high regard and feel particularly reassured to see Metropolitan Toronto Police officers and Mounties around & about.

vii) My nature is not compatible with betraying people's trust for a living. And, internally, I am already more than 35 years old.