A whole lot happened that is difficult to explain so a revised introduction is likely to be placed here but meanwhile below are some links in regard to the illicit activity that took place against me (SC) & other homeowners who contacted me with similar experiences that caused me to start a petition. (The petition now has over 100 signatures. THANK YOU!!!)

The 'Please ENFORCE the existing LAWS to stop bad-faith mortgage companies from UNLAWFUL TAKING of home-equity and homes' petition is at:


A photo of a fraudulent (specifically "spurious") lis pendens is at:


Here are the results of a formal court search showing that no underlying claim as alleged by the above lis pendens document actually existed:


The claim was fraudulently alleged to prevent me from being able to sell my then-home ('real property') myself. The fraudulent lis pendens was not lifted until YEARS AFTER the filing of the fraudulent lis pendens as I was informed that the perpetrators who fraudulently filed the lis pendens in the first place would have to be the ones to file a "Release of Lis Pendens":


Even then there was back-dating of the Release document by the perpetrators among other irregular or unethical or outright illegal activity. Additional links documenting such are at:


Thank you for taking your time to review these documents. Some people have even taken the time to back up these documents. All good-faith activity by the readers of these documents is greatly appreciated.

Immediately after the 73d signature of the "Please ENFORCE the existing LAWS to stop bad-faith mortgage companies from UNLAWFUL TAKING of home-equity and homes" petition, I input a note, "The evidence now accumulated points to the unlawful foreclosure activity's being to facilitate HUMAN TRAFFICKING of us inc. through deliberate health damage to weaken us by rigging our home environment." In this regard, I referred to the Public Safety Alert on this site for more information: Its specific page is:


As a result of the events described therein, I founded the Stop Non-Consensual Experiments on All World Citizens community. We are on Facebook at:


We are also on MySpace at:


Thank you to all conscientious world citizens for your supportiveness in the efforts to reclaim a healthful environment for ourselves & our children.