January 22, 2007

To The Bureau That Has Been Illegitimately Surveilling My Communications Et Al To Facilitate Recruitment & Post-Recruitment 'Management':

*Dr. Sowmya Surya is the most recent to try to learn on your behalf what I want:

I want to resume focusing my time and energy on Arts and Community Service. I need my health and finances restored to do so. Foremost, the undermining of my health needs to stop, my credit reports need to be corrected, and interference with my TD Ameritrade account needs to stop.

However much time, energy, & money you invested in manipulating me into having 'no choice' but to work for you, continuing in that direction is throwing good resources after bad. The very reason your attempted recruitment of me has not gone smoothly is that when you coerce people into working for you, you can never count on them to be their most diligent. Therefore they do things such as submit original Internal Memoranda (See Memo files), instead of photocopies, so that despite all the white-outs the original text can still be brought to light.

Further, it is your unethical recruitment & retention tactics that has caused a growing number of universities worldwide to stop letting you recruit on-campus where you have had much more promising candidates in that they idealize you and may even continue to do so should you ever stop engaging in tactics that their conscience can not accept.

Please set the people falsely imprisoned by Denver Health & certain 'law enforcement' entities free, starting with Beth, and let justice & restitution be achieved with regard to the unethical physicians & real-estate racketeering.

Thank you,
Sahar Chinyere.

*Note: On most computers, the brightness & contrast of some scanned documents could be increased for easier reading. Zooming in or printing out may also help. If paper-size is not compatible, a screen capture program should help or just printing the necessary frames or highlighted selection. Quoted from Dr. Surya's report (linked above), "profiles in 93 young (18-46 years of age) healthy fed volunteers" [link to definition added by SC]. At the top of the left column is an ad for Cytomyx Biomarkers, "Human DNA Product From High Quality Human Tissue Samples".