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All of the photos in the following affirmation video were photographed by Sahar Chinyere:

Here is the tribute video in loving memory of Ms. Whitney Houston:

Special thanks to Damien Lawson for sharing his beautiful singing voice!

When there is another invitation to participate in one of SC's videos, there is a good chance it will also be shared here!

(The previous invitation was linked from here to:
and a corresponding video invitation to sing along to
celebrate Ms. Houston's life & to spread compassion was
posted to where it remains as
hopefully people will continue to sing along & spread compassion. ❤)


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But nearly half of the signatures were lost during a recent change to the petition-hosting site.
If your signature is no longer there, please re-sign. Thank you!! (8/2012)

Many thanks!!!

Special thanks to Marc Galmoud-Aziz and Matt Romano who not only are among the very first to sign this important petition but also generously volunteered their assistance to obtain appointments for the January 2002 NATPE!

Special thanks to Sam Ant Smith of Sam Ant Smith Special Effects (some adult content) for volunteering his exceptional visual artistry!

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Skinsational, Hairsational Summer Makeover!

Exclusive Interview: TV Wrestler Nikita LeFleur

Crossing - NEWEST MUSIC MP3 soon to be re-linked!

Through Your Dream - NEW MUSIC MP3 soon to be re-linked!

If - Music mp3 soon to be re-linked!

Don't - Music mp3 soon to be re-linked!

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SC's Las Vegas delights including The Kiss Dragon's... well... kiss! ;)

February 2004: While researching PTSD nightmares, SC came across The Nightmare Project.
The following were their archived nightmares on which SC commented but as of July 2010 they & The Nightmare Project appear to be, hopefully temporarily, offline:

Camping with Demons (The Evil Dead nightmare!)

Reflections of Horror

Closed Circuit (DON'T do this at home!)

Life or Freedom

Short Float

Top to Bottom to Top

The Thing Under the Couch

The Spot on the Wall

8/19th/2011 UPDATE:

Unfortunately so far {still the case as of September 2014}, The Nightmare Project still appears offline. There are several other Nightmare Projects online now but not the one referenced here. Therefore, following is a summary of the comments by SC, recalling as best as possible from memory:

Re. 'Camping with Demons', the nightmare involved someone seeing demonically possessed people at a camping event with friends. The friends as the person knew them no longer existed. It seemed the first Evil Dead film was too much on the person's mind, perhaps watched before they fell asleep and drifted into the nightmare.

Re. 'Reflections of Horror', the nightmare involved an evil reflection. It seemed the person was worried about their own spiritual well-being.

Re. 'Closed Circuit', the nightmare involved the person's fear of being electrocuted. It was not a very symbolic nightmare but, from their own description, a literal fear. Someone else suggested they try desensitization by deliberately causing "mild" electric shocks to themselves! SC suggested NOT deliberately causing electric shocks to themselves, however mild they expected them to be.

Re. 'Life or Freedom', the nightmare involved fear that if the person set out on their own they would die. It seemed they felt trapped in their current circumstance and it would be worthwhile for the person to make plans to improve their ability to enjoy life even by small steps while they have the opportunity to be alive and live a life worth living.

{To be continued.}

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